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Diesel generator governor is to meet stability conditions
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:governor

Work is the role of the governor generatorof diesel engine speed range, and the change of the external load of diesel engine and automatic adjustment of supply, keep fish tea machine rate basically stable. The governor of diesel generating set is stable conditions. When the speed of the diesel generator set value deviation, governor can corresponding response action. At the same time, it must often the effect of restoring force governor returned to original state. Part of the spring is in the centrifugal governor restoring force. Governor a governor called static. Governor statically stable may, however, the dynamic instability of the regulatory process in, when excessive and provisions of the regulation, real regulatory action will form a process of oscillation. Governor, make quick oscillation energy, called a dynamic stability of the governor, or is a kind of dynamic instability of the governor, can guarantee the normal operation of the machine.

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