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Generator maintenance matters needing attention
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Generator maintenance project 50kw diesel generator pricehas a lot of, also has a lot of the same need to be aware of items, let's take a look at what need to pay attention to below:

(1) the radian of carbon brush must conform to the surface of the collector ring, otherwise shall be grinding.

(2) main parts, such as rotor, end cover, base, collector ring and brush set, etc., must be light to avoid deformation due to the impact.

(3) remove the container parts must be properly kept, don't stay lost nor any behind.

(4) remove the bearing, bearing and the bearing cover parts must be completed to cover with a clean paper.Don't make the dust fly.On such as dust, grease all must be changed.

(5) the motor installed, gently rotating the rotor by hand, and check for friction sound, or rotation is not flexible.

(6) removed the thrum, should mark, should be according to the original position by connected to reinstall, absolutely not wrong.

All landowners end cover screw and the screw pole must be a number of cross screwing in at the same time, can't close a first, and then the other.

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