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Causes of weifang diesel generator oil temperature is too high
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:generator

Weifang diesel generatingsilent diesel generator set the water temperature is too high, mainly due to the following:

1. The diesel generator set use for a long time hard water, generator set, when using water tank temperature difference, the water tank and waterways everywhere will form a large scale, leading to bad heat dissipation.

2. The generators and the cylinder head of waterway in too much impurity deposition, the water circulation is not smooth, cause poor heat dissipation.

3. The generator set severe burn oil, resulting in excessive carbon deposit, poor heat dissipation.

4. Improper use diesel generator operation. Small and medium-sized gas preheating starting diesel generator should be used when a period of time, suddenly can't step on the gas, fierce of loading, or you will make the diesel generators and crude, temperature soared. Or the captain of the diesel generator overload operation time, can also lead to diesel generator temperature is too high.

5. Delivery time is too late to cause diesel generator overheating.

6. Repair immediately after full load operation, motor overheating, or stuck because of the fit clearance is too small.

Caused by insufficient cooling water, diesel generator overheating.

Generator temperature is too high, will lead to the fitting clearance of the moving parts to reduce, the intensity is reduced, poor lubrication, serious when can cause cylinder, holding shaft accidents. So when the temperature of the diesel generating set is too high to repair in time, lest cause irreparable damage.

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