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Which parts should not be butter diesel engine
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:cylinder

Butter is widely used in the generator systemdiesel engine, can protect the body, but not abuse, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences, even counterproductive, damage to the body.

Dry type diesel engine cylinder liner butter will result in diesel engine overheat, affect the normal work.Reason is the engine working temperature to normal temperature, the cylinder liner will be thermal expansion, and cylinder block hole effect due to cooling water temperature is low, and inflation is smaller.Dry the outer surface of the cylinder liner is clingy hole above, by conduction.Jacket looks good on the surface of the butter prevents two contact, make it can't normal heat dissipation.

Cylinder head and cylinder pad unfavorable butter to enhance sealing.Because the cylinder cover nut and tighten, part of the butter will be pushed to the outside of the cylinder to waste, part of the butter would be packed into the cylinder.When the diesel engine work, this part of the butter will be high temperature burning charcoal, accumulate at the top of the cylinder piston, etc.Diesel engine temperature, cylinder head and cylinder gasket, cylinder head and cylinder block surface a layer of oil film between the melts away due to temperature increase, so that the cylinder cover nut loose back, cause air leakage, oil leakage, straight to bad cylinder gasket, also may be due to high temperature, butter focal knot, the cylinder head, cylinder pad is not easy to remove.

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