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New type of water-cooled alternator principle and application
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Water cooled alternator ATS generatorUSES water as a substitute for the fan for cooling. Ac generator is the main heating parts of the stator, water-cooled communication and coil winding of the stator of its generator cooling part is key. Generator end cover before and after the end cover made of aluminum, open water channel slot. The stator windings and coil with synthetic resin sealing, between the stator and rotor with aluminum coaming and channel segregation. To the inlet pipe and outlet pipe channel inlet pipe and outlet pipe respectively connected with the engine cooling water systems.

Like this, when the engine is running,, is recirculated cooling water in the engine water pump driven by the generator shell, can be effectively cooled stator coil winding, the stator core, as well as cooling rotor, working controller and bearings and other hot parts.

Water-cooled alternators compared with air-cooled alternator, complex internal structure, the leak sealing requirements raised, the cost will increase. Because the problem of the connecting pipe at the same time, the installation has also been restrictions, degrees of freedom is reduced. However, water-cooled alternator power and low noise performance, air-cooled alternator is incomparable.

First of all, water-cooled alternator charging characteristics at low speed. As we know, on the current characteristics of the ac generator has an "inflection point", that is more than the so-called "zero amps velocity" after just can have current, current up to a certain degree to charge. In which speed is more than just a "turning point" and to get to the charging current is associated with the size of the field current.

Because of the sharp inhibits the water-cooled alternator stator and rotor and the rise of temperature of the controller, can improve corresponding excitation current, the greater the excitation current of the output voltage is higher, so when the water cooled alternator charging also can have good performance during low speed rotation, the charging performance at low speed is quite important to the normal use of urban transport.

Second, water-cooled alternators with low noise. Because of the fan is omitted, so there is no generator noise from the fan. It was reported in 3500 RPM, water-cooled alternators compared with air-cooled alternator, lower noise 15 db.

The advantages of water-cooled alternators, considered to be the development direction of automobile generator. Some people think that in 12 v car, suitable for use under 2500 watt ac generator, air cooled or 42 v electrical system is suitable for more than 2500 w with water-cooled alternators.

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