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Reasons for the emergence of the "water" in weifang diesel generator
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:cylinder

Diesel generator generatorradiator or expansion water tank, the phenomenon of the drama of the steam and water overflow from the view, because the cylinder adjacent water jacket hole on cylinder head gasket is damaged, the combustion chamber and water channel is communication. Piston upward compression or explosion combustion, high pressure gas in the cylinder of the cylinder head gasket damage fled to the sea, lead to the cover of the water from the water overflow pipe and the exhaust valve on a large number of overflow, serious when, the water of the intake stroke cylinder are inhaled, cause the engine to stop working, and, of course, the coolant will reduce accordingly. Wrong reasons: cylinder cover is not smooth, the cylinder head bolt tightening torque is not enough, or the use of bolt has been extended deformation pressure cylinder pad.

Cylinder or cylinder head blisters, cavitation defects and adjacent channel of the combustion chamber, led to the permeability. At high temperatures, suddenly cold, cylinder block and cylinder head channel induced cold crack, cause high pressure gas transporting to waterways.

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