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The connecting rod bearing shell scrape
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Blow with the purpose is to make each has a good interface between bearing and shaft neck and proper fit clearance. A new bearing shell and used in the same old bearing scraping the method. Old bearing surface hardened alloy, the surface may also be decorated with more hard grain of impurities, so, in blow timing to scrape off the surface of old alloy layer. Usually, scraping babbitt bush specific scraping the method is as follows:

1 will crank shaft frame on the dedicated support.

2 in the connecting rod journal surface coated with a thin layer of red lead oil or other colored coating. The connecting rod in the correct position and direction of the assembly to the journal, twist connecting rod bolt, the degree of a slight resistance to turn the connecting rod as well.

3 turn the connecting rod after a few laps, loosen bolts and remove the connecting rod, observe the bearing surface contact with the journal. If the pad dyeing is not uniform and non-uniform part at both ends when, should be dyed color mark extruding part away.

4 at the time of scraping, usually with the connecting rod cover or with his left hand, right hand hold knife and flat, using the power of the wrist make the scraper from the outgoing.

Scraping requirement is: the direction of the scraping should vary over time, the direction of the first knife should be into 30 ° Angle to the bearing axis, the direction of the second knife also into 30 ° Angle to the bearing axis, but toward the other side. In scraping process, must be sharp knife, skiving power to appropriate, will produce corrugated. To scraping stay small, weight light, the knife and knife to quasi, light, stable.

5 shave with good surface contact between the bearing and shaft neck should be above 75% and the contact point to uniform distribution, bearing the roundness and cylindricity should be between 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm, fit clearance shall comply with the requirements of the specifications.

In the repair process, the wear is small and fit clearance within the scope of the provisions of the old basic bearing shell, generally USES the triangular blade abrasion and corrosion on the surface of parts to match, scraping the dosing, as far as possible to ensure the normal of shaft and bush

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