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Working principles of diesel generator
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Diesel engine drives the generator which will release the diesel energy into kinetic energy and electrical energy. In the diesel engine diesel generatorcylinder,the air filter clean air and fully mixed with the nozzle jet pressure, in the piston upward pressure, reduce the volume and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching diesel ignition. Diesel is ignited, mixed gas burning, the rapid expansion of volume pushes the piston down. Each cylinder is working in a certain order force acting on the piston through the connecting rod into the driving force of the crankshaft, so as to drive the rotation of the crankshaft. Will be ridiculed Dan Majesty on pile foot standard co Bo Mao no brushless synchronous AC generator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can use the rotation of the diesel engine driven generator rotor, the use of the induction' principle, the generator can output the induced electromotive force and the closure of the load circuit can produce electricity.

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