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What are the main purpose of the diesel generator set
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:power

Diesel generating set is a kind of30kw slient generator power generation equipment, the principle of it is through the burning diesel engine, the heat energy into mechanical energy, again through the engine rotation driven generators for cutting the magnetic field, eventually produce electricity. It basically has the following five aspects:

First, bring your own power. Some no net electric supply power units, such as isolated island, a remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateau of the barracks, workstations, radar station, etc., will need to configure the self-provided power supply. The so-called energent power, is the power of the spontaneous self-use, under the condition of the power is not too big, diesel generating sets tend to be the first choice of the self-provided power supply.

Second, standby power. Main use although there is some electricity unit more secure network power supply, but in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failures, or temporary power outage, still can be configured as an emergency power use, use the power of the power unit generally high to the requirement of power supply security, even one minute one second power outages are not allowed, must be used at the instant of the termination of the power supply network and electronic since the emergency standby power generation to replace, otherwise you will cause big loss. Such units include some traditional high power supply security units, such as hospitals, mining, power plant security power, use of electric heating equipment factory, etc.; In recent years, the network power supply become the new growth point for standby power requirements, such as telecom operators, Banks, airports, command center, database, highway, high-grade hotels, office buildings, senior catering entertainment places, etc., due to the use of network management, these units are increasingly become the subject of standby power use.

Third, alternative power supply. Replace the power supply is to make up for the shortage of electricity supply network. This may have two cases, one is the net electricity price is too high, from the Angle of cost savings, choose diesel generators as an alternative power source; Another is in the network under the condition of electricity is in short supply, the net electricity use is restricted, power supply department to electricity everywhere, at this point, the power unit in order to normal production and work, you need to replace the power to remedy them. China in recent years several diesel generating set product sales in the market, such as the experience of the first half of the 80 s, national sales in south China in the early 90 s, the 2003-2004 in east China, is caused by a national and regional power shortages, to cope with massive electricity, electricity units to buy diesel generator set for the use of alternative power supply.

Fourth, mobile power supply. The use of mobile power supply is not a fixed location, and used by all transfer power generation facilities. Diesel generator set because of its flexible characteristics of easy operation, convenient and be the first choice of the mobile power supply. Mobile power supply is generally designed to power vehicles form, has its own power supply vehicle, also have a trailer power vehicles. Mobile power supply power units, mostly has the nature of the work flow, such as oil fields, geological exploration, field engineering exploration, picnic, camping mobile command post, trains, ships, the power of the freight container car (warehouse), mobile army weapon equipment power supply, etc., there are also some mobile power supply has the nature of the emergency power supply, power supply departments such as urban emergency power supply, water supply, gas supply department of engineering rescue vehicles, breakdown van, etc.

Fifth, fire power. Fire generating set mainly for building fire equipment and is equipped with power, once the fire happens, such as electric power is cut off, generating set as power source of fire fighting equipment, as hereby times extremely, the domestic real estate fire power will have great potential development of a very large market.

Above you can see, diesel generating sets of four purposes, is in different stages of social development, among them, the self-provided power supply and alternative power behind because the construction of the power supply facilities or insufficient power supply capacity and demand, is central to the social and economic development in the early stages of market demand; And standby power supply and mobile power supply because of the power supply guarantee for higher and the scope of power supply with demand, as a result of the growing market demand is the advanced stage of social and economic development, therefore, if from the perspective of social development to examine diesel generating sets products in the market use, can say as a backup power supply and alternative power supply is the transitional purposes, and as a standby power supply and mobile power supply is its use for a long time, especially the fire power as a huge potential market demand, will be released slowly.

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