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Qualified coolant to meet the needs of diesel generator
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Diesel generator set generatorin the job can produce a lot of heat, and the appropriate temperature can ensure that the car engine work in a very appropriate temperature. So how to ensure proper operating temperature? Usually in the cooling liquid cooling system will be added to help cool down. Use of coolant in accordance with the provisions of this law and keep enough coolant quantity when the engine is cold, cooling fluid level should be located in the highest and lowest mark of expansion tank, expansion tank equipped with liquid level automatic alarm sensor, if the level is lower than the lowest score tank should be added in time. Note that cooling channel expansion cannot fill, should be set aside space for expansion. So what is qualified to satisfy the needs of the coolant?

1) antifreeze: at low temperature, to ensure that the vehicle cooling system will not be frost, generally use antifreeze freezing is to freeze in the above zero minus 20 degrees to 45 degrees, usually according to different areas of the practical need of rational choice, in order to meet the demand.

2) the boiling: under the condition of high temperature is not too early, the commonly used cooling fluid boiling point at 104 to 104 degrees, and when the antifreeze added to the cooling system and generate pressure, high boiling point.

3) corrosion: special antifreeze can reduce the corrosion of the cooling system, thus reducing the cooling system corrosion led to a "leak" problem.

4) rust: high-quality antifreeze can avoid rusty cooling system, cooling system, if the rust will lead to accelerated wear and reduce the efficiency of heat conduction.

5) : as a result of the coolant deionized water, so as to avoid pollution formation and deposition, in order to protect the engine.

6) don't replace the antifreeze will appear regularly: fangdongye long time won't change, corrosion resistance, resistance to rust and scale function will decrease, which will lead to failure of the cooling system and corrosion. Generally speaking, the antifreeze is generally 1.5 to 2 years.

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