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Hose have cracks or expansion
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Automotivegenerator rubber liquid leakage under refrigerated tank and the engine room connecting pipe cracking or phenomenon called cause. What caused the hose have cracks or bulge? This is the primary role of coolant. In general, the best car coolant replaced every two years or 40000 kilometers. Since frozen liquid quality deterioration of the rust will reduce, leading to loss of radiator, pipe, tube and other components. But usually it is very difficult for us to vision to determine freezing liquid is degraded, so regular replacement refrigerant liquid, don't wait to be beyond repair. In addition, the cooling fan belt replacement every two years. Must pay attention to itself is a coolant liquid pollution of the environment, it is the main component of ethylene glycol if drop on the ground can lead to environmental and air pollution. If be the winter in the north, then don't add cold water, cold water tanks, usually with a bit of an emergency is not the problem, open the location of the best alternative.

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