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Improper installation of fuel injection pump failure
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(1) the key installation

generator priceof flange connecting the fuel injection pump (such as 4110 series 490 diesel engine, and chengdu production, etc.), when the timing gear oil and fuel supply advance Angle automatic control device and the fuel injection pump camshaft woodruff key installation position is not correct, the oil supply imbalance. Engine is difficult to start, smoke and water temperature higher fault phenomenon. If the arc flange hole cannot adjust, need to delete the fuel pump installation. The key to delete after indentation can be observed clearly. Using the cross coupling of the fuel injection pump (such as 6105 and 6102 type diesel engine, etc.), can be installed in passive knot half a circle (180 °). This time will appear can't start, smokeless exhaust discharge phenomenon. Even if the engine had a strong start in the first place, will be the voice of the chaos, and the exhaust pipe won't work. At this time should be to open the connection screw, a half circle of jet pump CAM connection, and then by making small adjustments, the arc pit of oil.

(2), into the oil return screw connection tubing installation errors of position, if the oil return screw error of clothing in the fuel injection pump suction pipe joint, as a result of the action of check valve in the oil screw, so fuel can't input or only a small amount into the oil injection pump cavity, the diesel engine can't start or start for speed increase. At this time with the hand pump oil resistance is very big, can't even pressure pump. At this point, as long as the oil return screw installation position can be troubleshooting.

(3), the use of diesel fuel injection pump from the fuel tank of the oil chamber entrance between rewards and oil pipeline belongs to the low voltage circuit, pipe joints, washer and tubing damage to oil can produce gas resistance to force air into the oil, leading to poor fuel supply, it is hard to start and engine speed slow fault phenomena, such as serious will automatically shut down. When oil pipeline aging, deformation and impurities clogging oil by reducing cross-sectional area, or because of the dirty oil blocking oil filter, diesel filter, will lead to the oil supply shortage and reduce the power of the engine is hard to start. Check and remove the faults can be done in the car. Hand pump oil pump under certain pressure, relax leakage screws, such as bubble overflow, always does not exhaust, oil into the air; If there is no bubble, but diesel overflow vent screw of the weaknesses of the oil channel is blocked. Normal is bleed screw loosening, immediately ejected oil column pressure. Fault diagnosis method is to find out the damaged or aging

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