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The importance of biogas use
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Early construction of sewage treatment silent diesel generatorplants in the use of an anaerobic process, also can produce methane, but the lack of biogas utilization equipment at the time, most people don't have to build biogas collection device, all produce methane emissions into the atmosphere. In some sewage treatment plant to collect methane, but the biogas as an alternative fuel for direct burning coal boiler, its economic value is very low (1 m 3 gas calorific value and 1 kg of coal calorific value). In addition, most of these companies away from the town, leads to high cost of natural gas pipeline network construction cannot as urban gas supply. In recent years, some domestic engine manufacturers the successful development of biogas engine, and matching with the generator, you can use the biogas power generation. At the same time, through the waste heat recovery boiler installation, the engine can also be used to generate heat in winter heating and summer cooling, thermal efficiency is greatly improved, economic efficiency is greatly improved. Also can produce biogas plant is a big power consumers, in recent years, due to domestic energy increasingly nervous, especially in economically developed areas of the enterprise, usually by the national grid power limit (outage 1 to 2 days a week), or plan to use the power to buy expensive. As a result, many enterprises have begun to realize, biogas power generation not only can improve the economic value of biogas in itself, but also alleviate the power shortage of contradictions.

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