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The development of the diesel generator and the shortage of oil
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In recent years, the rapid generator

development of diesel car in China, the market is expected to more than 4800000 vehicles. With increasing competition, new products on the market, constantly increase the technical content of these vehicles, difference is more and more obvious. To help most of the maintenance, user and technical service personnel system more comprehensive understanding of the diesel vehicle maintenance and maintenance knowledge, columns from this period case series published in the automobile fault diagnosis technology of diesel engine, chassis, electric tools, and other system components, elimination method and maintenance of common sense. Also welcome readers to contribute, so that more people can share with us your successful experience, but also keep and maintain plans to more targeted and practical. The performance of the diesel engine is better, use usually reflects the engine exciting and torque reserve large overload capacity is strong, generally welcomed by the user. An engine power shortage is a problem involving a wide range of, here we can only give users a hint according to the actual performance, the user can find the reason from the following several aspects. Lack of engine power is almost nothing more than the following several aspects: one is the "oil", one is the "gas", the other is the engine itself.

The so-called "oil" problem is a lack of lubricating oil. And this kind of problem again "block" and "leak" two aspects. So-called "blocking" often occurs in long-term maintenance, diesel filters were choked up with dirt resistance increase supply and supply not free, in a small load to reduce the supply of oil is not enough, under the heavy load of huge amount of oil supply shortages led to the loss of engine power. In order to ensure the oil supply system smoothly, we must be maintained in accordance with the relevant provisions. The so-called "leak" is a kind of low pressure oil from the tank to the pump. Also, in a small load less quantity of oil supply enough, in a large number of inhaled air leakage and low pressure oil, engine oil supply shortage caused by low power failure. If your connector closed lax or filter installation untight seal can lead to failure of "leak" "leak" often occurs after the repair and maintenance, in eliminate diesel filters and the pipeline maintenance, assembly.

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