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Several kinds of common use diesel generator type
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1. Usually in the grid (or body)

generator pricearea or nearby industrial and mining enterprises, in order to meet the needs of the local construction, electricity production and life. Relatively rapid development in the field of the current emergency, need to establish a common diesel generating sets of short cycle, meet the needs of users, the generator is usually a larger capacity.

2. The generator air defense and defense facilities supply and backup generators are usually with nature and war powers to destroy, then the unit is common in nature, the generator is usually installed on the ground, a degree of protection.

3. Main power suddenly can cause significant damage or personal accident of electrical equipment, usually set up emergency generator, equipment and emergency power supply, such as high-rise building fire control system, evacuation lighting, elevator, automatic production line control system and the key of the communication system. This kind of generator need to install the diesel generating sets, from the beginning to the high degree of automation.

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