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Diesel generator set tank what matters need attention during installation
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:diesel

weifang huaquan power machinery co., LTD. generator setProduction of stationary diesel generating set, Marine diesel generating sets, there are many different kinds of special diesel generating set and complete power, provided larger choice space for our customers. These different types of diesel generating sets have different tank design, but whether the user's own design and manufacture of fuel tank or enterprise professional design and production of oil tank are common in installation matters need to pay attention to, the following let's go to understand the specific matters needing attention.

1, the tank location must be safety to prevent fire, tank or oil drums shall be separately in a visible place, appropriate away from diesel generator set, smoking is not allowed and the strict rules;

2, if users to make the fuel tank, attention should be paid to the standby diesel generator fuel tank made of stainless steel or steel plate, not inside the fuel tank paint or galvanized, because they will react with diesel, produce the impurities that may have caused the damage of diesel generating set and the lower the quality of diesel, cleanliness and efficiency;

3, after the tank is placed, the highest oil level can't its 2.5 m higher than diesel generating sets the base, such as large oil depot oil level is higher than 2.5 m, should be in between big oil and diesel generator set daily-use oil tank and make the oil directly to send the pressure of not more than 2.5 meters. Even in the closure of diesel generator set, does not allow fuel rely on gravity, through the pipe inlet or spray pipe line into the diesel engine;

4, oil inlet resistance does not allow more than all the use of diesel generating sets rules on performance data list clean filter at the time of the specified value. The resistance value is based on the fuel tank holds half of fuel on the basis of;

5, tank of oil supply pipe position should be higher than that of diesel generating sets about 50 mm at the bottom of the tank, in order to prevent the sediment and water is sucked for tubing;

6, the fuel return line connection should not cause fuel in diesel generating sets of tubing shock wave;

7, the tank filled with fuel capacity should ensure the daily supplies;

8, oil tank and oil return area should be equipped with perforated partition, in order to reduce diesel generating sets of heat exchange.

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